Dedicated to unite lead by professionalism, respect, integrity and transparency in promoting, protecting and improving social and economic status of workers we represent and wider society equitably


Dedicated to unite lead by professionalism, respect, integrity and transparency in promoting, protecting and improving social and economic status of workers we represent and wider society equitably


Respect for Diversity: All union members, officials, staff, and stakeholders will be treated fairly regardless of their background or perspectives.

Professionalism and Integrity: Professionalism by all union officials and employees is paramount. Union officials and staff will be developed to perform their work with expertise, dedication and care. They will also strive to always do the right thing and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Transparency and Accountability: KUDHEIHA Workers will act with openness and predictability. It will also be responsible for the Results of its Activities.

Respect for the Rights and Privileges of Workers: As a Workers’ Union, KUDHEIHA Workers will be at the forefront of respecting the fundamental principles and rights of its members and employees.

Social Dialogue and Tripartism: The recognition that Trade Union organizations exist in collaboration with employers and the government will be upheld at all times. Social dialogue will be embraced at all times in KUDHEIHA Workers

Collaboration and Team Work: KUDHEIHA Workers will work with and learn from organizations and institutions with similar interests as it seeks to achieve its Vision. Staff will also nurture and harness the spirit of togetherness and forge common efforts in their work while exercising open and honest communication and showing concern and support for both internal and external customers.

Participatory Leadership: A servant and democratic style of leadership that involves an interactive approach to decision-making based on trust and results orientation.

Innovation and Continuous Learning: KUDHEIHA Workers will continuously develop and implement new ideas as it adapts to the various changes in the dynamic environment in which it operates. Lessons learnt in the course of implementation will also be continuously incorporated in its operations.

Mandate of the Union.

The mandate of KUDHEIHA Workers is to organize, represent and secure the interests of workers in the hotels; educational institutions; hospitals; domestic services; private homes; and churches and the institutions associated with them

Aims & Objectives.

  • secure complete organization into the Union of all employees in relevant trades, institutions and industries
  • regulate the relations and settle disputes between members, and between members and employers, by amicable agreements whenever possible
  • act as a medium through which the employees address their grievances, views, interests and ideals to their employers
  • seek and obtain legal advice and representation for protecting the rights of the members on matters arising out of the relations with the employers and in the best interests of the Union .
  • co-operate with similar organizations on matters of common interest with a view to taking common action whenever necessary or desirable
  • facilitate education and training of union members and officials.
  • encourage members of the union to form and/or join Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs).
  • acquire either by purchase, lease or otherwise, any movable or immovable property or other assets, and to sell, let, mortgage or charge or otherwise deal with or dispose of, movable or immovable property belonging to the Union .
  • affiliate to organizations with similar aims and objects nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • collect and circulate among members of the Union such statistical and other information concerning all matters affecting the union and print, publish and issue such papers, periodical books, circulars and other literature as may seem conducive to any of these objects
  • lobby for changes in policy and law in order to improve the working environment for workers, and lobby for ratification and domestication of relevant international treaties and conventions