KUDHEIHA emphasize on departmental teamwork mainly to creat a working culture that places "collaboration" in high esteem. The management, staff and our members understand and fully believe that planning, thinking, actions and decisions are far better when done in teamworkcooperation with one another.

KUDHEIHA WORKERS is a registered trade union mandated to represent workers in different sectors.It has established branches in almost all the 47 counties mainly to ease member access. The union provides membership to all persons or employees employed or engaged through any form of contract in the following sectors:

This sector represents persons employed or engaged as professionals and subordinates in the fields like: Hotels, Restaurants, pubs, Entertaining facilities, Bars, Casinos, Villas, Sports clubs, Residential cottages, tented camps, institutions providing catering, transport and tourism services or any related establishment, Institutions especially in related faculty or rendering services in the hospitality industries.

This sector represents Non-teaching staff or employees employed and engaged as subordinate and professionals in all public and private educations institutions and organizations. These institutions includes: – primary, secondary, post-primary institutions, tertiary institutions, polytechnics, universities, university colleges, center of high educations, mass media, Recording studios colleges and all related education institutions engaged in educating and training of human resources.

This sector represent persons employed or engaged as professionals and subordinates in the fields like: private homes, clubs, apartments, guest houses, biscuits making factories, rehabilitation centers, homes for the aged, hospices, non-governmental organizations, houses, children’s homes, Projects associated with providing cleaning, social services and securities to the community and others. Domestic workers comprise a significant part of the global workforce in informal employment and are among the most vulnerable groups of workers. Majority work without clear terms of employment, unregistered in any book, and excluded from the scope of labour legislation.

This represent persons employed or engaged as subordinate staffs, Nurses and other medical professionals, except doctors in both private and public hospitals, Nursing homes, dispensaries, clinics, chemists, pharmacists, medical training institutions, centers of research and other related projects or organizations providing associated services to medical care.

This represent persons employed or engaged as subordinate or professionals by religious institutions, organizations including Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, homes and all Non-governmental organizations and institutions providing commercial and communal activities in public and private social services.